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A new way of living

Real-time gross settlements, send cryptocurrencies to people around the world and exchange the Amoria currency for other digital or fiat currencies.

Buy water and drinks through our digital currency, discover a sustainable investment: discover Amoria.

Ethical pricing

Economic development and life itself depends 100% on an essential but scarce natural resource: water.

Amoria believes that water is an essential commodity that must be available to everyone at an ethical and fair price.

Buy, sell and transform your capital into water

Our marketplace will allow the purchase and sale of ethical, sustainable and fair-priced products, accessible from anywhere in the world thanks to our token.


Global access to water

For every 100 Amoria tokens, you will receive a premium Amoria bottle, 10 PET bottles and the possibility of exchanging Amoria tokens in our marketplace.

In addition, Amoria will allocate 100 liters of water to regions where water scarcity is a problem.

Get involved now

Buy Amoria Tokens and support us in creating a better future.


Why Blockchain?

Blockchain is the accounting book where each transaction in the Amoria platform is recorded. Each node – digital units that allow the digital currency to function in a decentralized way – stores an exact copy of the chain, guaranteeing the availability of the information at all times. This system guarantees safety and transparency.

The Amoria Marketplace is a revolution in the water and beverages market, an opportunity for producers and consumers to take advantage of our added value: fast and secure transactions in the digital world.

Amoria Debit Card

Buy water and other commercial beverages.

Revolutionize commercial payments thanks to Amoria wallet and the Amoria APP: your innovative wallet.
Withdraw capital at any time from any ATM, make purchases online, in establishments, bars, restaurants and airports. There are no borders for the currency of the future!

Amoria App

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Keep track of your payments and receipts. Convert your Amoria Coins into fiat currencies or any other digital currencies and receive global transfers in no time. All this with your Amoria Wallet.


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